MAVA: Real-time, Digital Customer Engagement Platform

Streaming Value and Access Insights with a Virtual, Rapid Response Customer Engagement Platform

Accessing payer and institutional provider insights has never been faster or more convenient than with a U.S. or Global subscription to MAVA (Market Access Vision Advisers). MAVA delivers payer engagement through a digital conversation platform with your customers. Through both double-blinded and unblinded formats, MAVA connects you through continuous real-time group chat, direct messaging, rapid polls, and survey tools directly available on your mobile or desktop device.

MAVA offers:

  • Qualitative conversations with retained panelist
  • Quantitative responses with expanded panel
  • Tools and templates for pipeline asset assessments and pricing

Our rigorous screening criteria applied for each engagement ensures quality insights with dedicated payers and providers. You will receive timely access to insights with guaranteed panel postings within 5 business days. In addition, insights from the session dialogue are provided in summarized Pulse Reports.

Post your questions and receive real-time answers from Payers and Institutional Providers with a subscription to MAVA

How MAVA works

Common Access Question Topics Posted to MAVA Panels

Product pricing and contracting strategies

Business development assessments

Evidence development requirements

Product profile and attribute assessments

Message testing

Policy trends

HealthPACER: Patient Services Platform

Powering Integrated Services to Improve Health Outcomes and Lower Cost

HealthPACER® technology facilitates prescription referrals and prescription reimbursement. The technology platform has several customer-facing applications. HealthPACER is a flexible, scalable technology solution.

Our platform assists prescribers in completing electronic prior authorizations and offers access to benefit verifications and copayment programs and applications for patient assistance.

Recent Applications for HealthPACER

ePA authorization system for medical benefit

Medical benefit copay assistance platform

Specialty Pharmacy referral software