ResponseRx: Measuring Therapeutic Response for Payers

Offering a Turnkey Platform to Assess Real-Time Patient Outcomes for Reimbursement Authorizations

ResponseRx is a point-of-care outcomes assessment platform. Designed to connect patients, nurses, pharmacies, doctors, and health plans, the intuitive interface collections and transmits real-time response data to determine eligibility for insurance re-authorizations.

ResponseRx is a cloud-based, response-to-therapy measurement platform. The platform suite enables manufacturers and payers to contract for actual outcomes, not proxies like paid claims or drug adherence. It stands alone in delivering real-time, case-level authorization data that will differentiate your therapy from the competition.

Customize to capture metrics set for a specific drug or disease for any program. Contact us to discuss your program.

ResponseRx Benefits

Increase patient compliance

Improve health outcomes

Lower total cost of care for chronic disorders

Simplify health outcomes monitoring

Reduce duration of treatment for “non-responders”

Drive market share for preferred brands

Standardize drug response criteria

Population Health Management by Condition

Taking Clinical Management Virtual to Reduce Administrative Burden and Improve Outcomes

eMAX Health’s population health care management is powered by AI technology to guide evidenced-base care plans and case management interventions. Patients are managed through virtual visits, remote monitoring, medication management, lifestyle guidance, predictive analytics, quality reporting, and stakeholder engagement. By enrolling patients in a virtual program, health plans have an opportunity to offer innovative, high-touch care to a high-cost population with the ongoing support of the expert team at eMAX Health. The cost savings programs developed by eMAX Health provide care coordination at no cost to the patient.

Customized programs to monitor outcomes and control costs

Review a sample program for Congestive Heart Failure.

Comprehensive Clinical Management Pathway

Management and reduction of symptoms

Appointment and follow-up plan adherence

Integration with Digital Health Devices

Continual VCM patient engagement

Remote patient monitoring

Medication adherence

Diet and exercise plan adherence