Research & Analytics

A research leader in global technology assessment for pharmaceuticals

Our independent pharmaceutical research and health policy group is dedicated to the development of scientifically credible comparative effectiveness research.

Health Economics and Outcomes Research Services

Healthcare Modeling
Disease progression modeling
Budget Impact modeling
Cost- effectiveness modeling
Value-based (performance) contract modeling
Global models with local affiliate customization

Application Development
EMR-Based Clinical Decision Support (CDS) tools
Payer/Provider model user interface
Web, tablet, PDA, or desktop

Patient Reported Outcomes Studies
Mobile coupon integrated with Patient Access HUB

Disease Registries
U.S. Kidney and lung transplant registry

  • Data Analysis and Data Warehouse
    Epidemiology & Biostatistics with In-house SAS programmers
    Use of proprietary or third-party data
    Adjudication of rebate agreements and performance agreements
    Development of risk stratification tools and predictive rules
    Clinical trials post-hoc analysis

Systematic Reviews
Literature review

Health Authority Submissions
Value message development
Value dossiers