Patient Access - Prescription HUB

Providing centralized patient access and outcomes-based contracting programs to improve outcomes and lower health care cost

Patient Reimbursement and Support Hotline
Our patient reimbursement center improves access to treatments by removing barriers to care:

  • • Insurance verification and prior authorization
  • • Reimbursement support
  • • Optimized site-of-service referral (e.g. home infusion vs. hospital)
  • • Patient assistance program administration and financial guidance
  • • Patient clinical support
  • • Adherence programs
  • • In-office and home infusion copayment assistance
  • • Physician point of contact
  • • Proactive patient counseling
  • • Specialty drug data collection and reporting

Patient HUB for or Specialty Products
Our patient access services for specialty drugs help to improve patient outcomes and control health care cost through a centralized patient intake and referral management center supported by a national network of retail and specialty pharmacy providers.