Patient Access Center

Providing integrated services to improve health outcomes and lower cost

eMAX Health Patient Access Center (HealthPAC) leverages its proprietary software technology and skilled case-management professionals to provide prescription drug reimbursement HUB support, a managed care provider network, and chronic care management services.

1. Reimbursement Support to shape access to prescription drugs to drive appropriate care.

2. Provider Network Management to lower cost and improve outcomes through a comprehensive post-acute home health, hospice, and home infusion provider network.

3. Chronic Care Management to more effectively manage the chronically ill Medicare population in partnership with primary care group practices.

Integration of Mobile Technology and Patient Access Services
At the core of these services, the patent-pending HealthPACER® technology facilitates prescription referrals and prescription reimbursement. The technology platform has several customer-facing applications, as shown below.

ELECTRONIC PRIOR AUTHORIZATION APP (ePA) which allows prescribers to submit, track and manage prior authorizations for expensive specialty drugs

PRESCRIPTION REFERRAL APP which allows prescribers an easier method to submit, track and manage prescriptions to specialty pharmacies for expensive specialty drugs

OUTCOMES MONITORING APP which allows payers and prescribers to assess patient response to expensive specialty drugs

Download HealthPACER® Examples